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Practice Area(s)

Business Law
Lemon law

Languages Spoken

English; Persian


Top Five Reasons to Choose Yashar Law, APLC Office 1. Choose our office because we are an experienced California Lemon Law attorney office. We have experience in handling lemon law cases and consumer rights issues. 2. Choose our office because we work on a contingency bases. So, there are no upfront fees and you don’t pay any attorney fees unless we settle or win your case. 3. Choose our office because car manufacturers know Nadia Yashar by reputation and do not like to be sued by her. 4. Choose our office because we provide personalized and individualized service to each of our clients. You won’t just be a “number” to our office. 5. Choose our office because “we work for you.” We pride ourselves on achieving the highest quality results for our clients as quickly as we can. That’s true whether your case involves lemon cars, lemon motorcycle, laundered lemon vehicles, used car lemon law, or any one of a number of consumer rights issues.

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8889 W. Olympic Blvd, Penthouse Beverly Hills, CA 90211
34.0661071, -118.38406925913
(877) 768-7536

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